Art is a language that comes from heart. Through art, I could tell my story to every one without needing to explain.

I work with different art forms, including paintings, sculptures, print-making and film photography. My works focus on personal and cultural issues, along with struggles of my life and the way I see Hong Kong as a local artist. I am interested in exploring traditional techniques with contemporary settings, which has led me to create a series of reminiscent works about my mother and prints about the culture of Hong Kong. I explore my works as a visual language by arranging them in unique composition as well as concentration in fine details and strong light and shadow. Through my works, people could always have a glimpse into my thoughts.

I travel frequently in overseas and enjoy documenting my experiences in form of film photography. I started exploring film cameras in 2014, inspired by my photo partner, Dennis Mak. I am overwhelmed by the simplicity and essential elements of nature. My photographs are often incorporated with muted colors in clean, delicate settings. Through photographing in minimalistic style, I am able to tell personal stories by capturing unique moments of the natural environment.

To me, art is a powerful tool for communication and a route to express visions beyond the capacity of words. My art making is however not limited to the message I wish to convey, but the story people understand with their own mindsets.