Title: Curiosity
Medium: Wood-board Printing
Materials: Chinese rice Paper, Ink
Size: 17¾ x 12¼“

As we grew up, we are more concerned about people’s expectations and how people look at us. We are too afraid of being different, afraid of making mistakes and rejected by the others. We never believe in ourselves, we only improve ourselves and be the kind of person whom others want us to be.

In my work, I tried to illustrate my ideas on a little girl who is trying to uncover the cloth printed with words that blinded her. The words are reflecting different moral values and judgments from others. In life, rumours are just words passing verbally around others, it is not possible for us to change ourselves just to follow their footsteps. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to be different, it only means that we are brave enough to be ourselves.

Sep, 2013


In order to survive in a society that eliminates people who are are different, we have developed a habit of following trends and common practices.

We order the same food like our friends and pretend that we have similar taste,
we take photos at popular “check-in” spots and post them on Instagram to show that we are up to date,
we even turn our backs to our dream jobs, and live a life that we do not love.
We live a life to impress people.

Is that a life that you have ever wanted?
Taking pains to be the same like other people?

In life, we cannot possibly control what people may think of us. Let go of a life fitting in their shoes. Being different is not a thing we have to fear, it only means that we are brave enough to be ourselves.
Open Your Eyes. You are you.

Jan, 2018

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